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1979 Yamaha XS650 - Cafe Project Bike

Friday, April 18, 2008

A friend of ours is selling one of his bikes, a project Yamaha. Here is his description:

Runs great. 27,331 miles. Bought it as a project bike. Newly inspected until 10/2009. Standard Yamaha wheels were painted Yamaha Yellow and the rest is painted flat black. Added old clubman cafe bars. Seat was chopped and shorted to a single seater. Good tires. Older original cables, could use some updating.

The XS does have a slight electrical problem with a really dim headlight that will probably require a new regulator or charging unit. Headlamp brightens when revved at idle (stuff on XS websites to correct). Also electric start doesn't work. Kick starts in a few kicks. Bike sounds great and looks mean, fun to ride.

He's looking for $750 OBO. Contact Terence here.


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Brittown - a British motorcycle documentary film

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

(There isn't any vintage Yamaha related info in this post, but I wanted to pass this on anyway... Chances are, if you dig old Japanese iron, you probably dig old British iron, too...)

Had the opportunity to borrow the documentary Brittown from my friend (and Bonnie rider) Brian this past weekend.

For those who haven't heard of it, this is a short synopsis from their website:

Brittown features legendary underground mechanic and Britbike connoisseur "Meatball" from the Hell On Wheels bike shop in Anaheim, CA as he eats, drinks, and sleeps British iron; using all his skill to transform an old 650 Triumph Bonneville motor into a barely-legal road racer.

Embracing the legacy of Steve McQueen, Meatball runs his old BSA in vintage motocross races, flies down the Willow Springs raceway on his Norstar, and conquers the So Cal freeways with the No Gooders motorcycle club while still finding time for his family and his rock band Smiling Face Down.

This movie wasn't what I expected at all. Far from some usual T and A biker flick or a long commercial featuring posers tinkering with stuff they really don't know about, these guys are the real deal: living, breathing, racing, and rocking out with British motorcycles.

The movie also has incredible production quality. It's funny, filled with interesting likable characters and good music, yet is quiet, genuine, even moving at times. It's very much a nod to On Any Sunday - but not a rehashing, rather one for this generation.

Highly recommended!


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Yahoo! Yamaha R5 Group Bike of the Month

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Unless they're fooling with me (it is the first of April after all), my bike has been crowned Bike of the Month for April 2008 on the newly renovated Yahoo! Yamaha R5 Group.

For the unaware, this Yahoo! group is populated with folks who are most knowledgeable in all things vintage Yamaha. Without their help many of the problems with and parts missing from my R5 would never have been sorted. I thank them very much!

Be sure to check them out, and to sign up if you haven't already!


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